• 2020 History (Non-Fiction!) TBR

    4th Jan 2020 by

    Hello, 2020! As is customary for the new year, I’ve been putting together various resolutions, to do lists and more. My favourite list, however, is a future books list. TBR lists never feel pressuring or like an inevitable failure (unlike my resolutions!). It’s a gentle reminder that, if I fancy it, there’s a whole list… Read more

  • 2020 London Exhibitions

    18th Dec 2019 by

    It’s official: 2020 is only a few short weeks away. As the majority of the population will agree, this is mildly terrifying. Will this be the year I finally read fifty books, write weekly blog posts and improve my terrible German? Or, will it be back to a week of Duolingo and a list of… Read more

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